About Me

Highly talented and innovative art director with a strong creative flair, Camelia has had her work exhibited at Soho Digital Gallery of Art in NYC. In addition, she is published internationally in Cosas Magazine Ecuador.


Camelia received a certificate in professional photography after completing The Complete Course in Professional Photography at the New York Institute of Photography in New York City, and a degree in Media Studies from the prestigious New York University.


Camelia's creative eye and attention to detail, fused with the photographic techniques developed at the New York Institute of Photography, pushed Camelia's imagination to create timeless art work.


In addition, Camelia's understanding of the media's past and present challenging environment, enables her to project her work in a positive light, in which she hopes to inspire many artists to pursue their dreams and to embrace their unique individual differences.



Camelia's motto:


"Life is like a picture...you don't know what you'll capture next...wait...and be amazed.."





Ile Miranda

Vicktor Luna


Cosas Magazine

Nolcha Fasion Week


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Soho Art House

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